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Built in Difference


Santos Contractors Corp is one of the few inner city developers capable of both residential and
commercial mixed-use development. We approach every project with a comprehensive view of what is
needed to make revitalization succeed.


First-time homebuyers:


Santos Contractors Corp provides the "New Homeowners' A Maintenance Manual" to every new buyer: giving them comprehensive information

on everything from a pre-move checklist to school registration; an appliance list to their maintenance schedule.

Bulit In Difference

Government: Knowledgeable in state, federal and local subsidy programs to help low- and middle-income buyers.

Municipal funding: Experienced working with municipalities or creating various tax abatement programs. Employment: Created a unique self-funded minority hiring and training program that exceeds affirmative action  goals.


Partners in Progress:


Nonprofit and Faith-Based Organizations

Nonprofit organizations, especially faith-based groups, are vital partners in rebuilding a community. Santos can provide a unique opportunity to bring these local community organizations to the table when redevelopment initiatives take place in their community.


Faith-Based Groups


Faith-based groups are particularly strong advocates for housing issues. As a center of community action for many years, religious organizations of all kinds have served the needs of struggling communities and helped rally political and neighborhood leadership. Their importance in rebuilding a community cannot be overstated: Faith-based organizations are the strongest advocates of the values of home, family, and community - all the building blocks of strong neighborhoods.

Santos has made a commitment to assist local faith-based groups in securing capital and understanding all the aspects of the development process. We believe our experience in this area can be used to help faith-based groups expand their influence and undertake new developments in the future.


Faith Affinity Program


Santos Contractors Corp understands that faith-based organizations in urban neighborhoods promote strong
Judeo-Christian-Muslim values and a family-based focus for community revitalization. With its historic role in community life and social activism, the African American church can play a critical role in promoting homeownership among its communities.


These churches, temples and masjids represent a significant population base; have substantial financial resources; have a political presence; and can help moderate the trend of congregants departing their communities to purchase homes elsewhere. Historically, the African American church has advocated the value and importance of homeownership, as demonstrated the rise of faith-based community development corporations (CDCs) across the country.


Communities are Built by People


Communities are not just made of houses. Communities are built by people people who are committed to their homes, their neighborhoods, their schools, their churches, and their cities.

That's why Santos Construction Corp works with a broad cross-section of partners to make sure we don't just build houses, but communities. We partner with nonprofit organizations, faith-based groups, and community development corporations. Above all, we partner with our customers -- first-time homebuyers who build their neighborhoods while they pursue the American dream of homeownership.


The success of an inner city redevelopment depends on many things. One of the most important is helping first-time homeowners purchase with
confidence and understand how to maintain a home over the long term.


Training the Homeowner


Every home buyer receives training on how to manage, protect, and care for their new home in a detailed, customized homeowner's manual. The manual
provides details on how to economize on utilities and set up maintenance schedules. It's a how-to, when-to, what-to-do to keep a new home operating.
Additionally, we provide unlimited telephone support to our new homeowners during their entire first year after purchasing.

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