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New Single & Multi Family Homes

New Single & Multi Family Homes (Inner and Suburban Cities)  

Residential Rehabilitation


Our successful projects have included everything from single and multi family homes to entire communities. Santos Contractors Corp in conjunction with Summit Property Improvement was a major developing contractor to the city of Newark; building more than 1000 units in the south ward section of Newark, NJ. The City of Newark adopted Santos and Summit’s “ New Homeowners Maintenance Manual “ as an compliant boiler plate for all developers and construction companies doing business with the city of Newark, NJ


Dredging Management



Hydraulic ,

Hopper and Hold dredging

  • Dislodging the material to be dredged from the bottom.

  • Transporting the material from the bottom to the surface.

  • Transporting the material to a disposal site.

  • Disposing of the dredged material.

Commercial Construction

Commercial & Retail Warehouses

Roofs / Siding

HVAC Residential and Commercial.


The company have built over 700 single , multi-family residential and commercial properties.


Our work stands out among many companies with professional craftsmanship. superior quality of work and attention to detail and timely delivery.  Following are a number of samples of the company’s projects

Industrial Services

Industrial & Commercial Construction,

Industrial Painting (bridges, towers, tanks)

Concrete (sidewalks, masonry, brick)

Framing ( metal and wood)

Demolition and Excavation


From municipal water towers, to chemical storage tanks, bulk oil storage and flammable liquids; paint and specialized coating application is work reserved for a qualified professional like Santos Contractors Corp.


Repainting active railroad bridges is a perfect showcase of our operating systems.

Sandblasting, lead abatement, proper application of high performance paints and coatings even logos and lettering - our crews have been performing without incident or delay in 100% of the projects entrusted to Alpine by the nation's

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